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How to Make it Through Resume Screening Software

Many of us must have experienced that you do not receive enough job offers through online job websites, but your friend receive a lot from the same website. What is the reason? To understand the reason you must know the evaluation process of the resumes and try to create the better resume.

The resume screening software is used to select the resumes which fulfill the job requirement and others are rejected. This is a known fact to us, but what we do not know is resume analyzer takes into account various keywords from the content of the resume that fits the requirement of the job. If those key elements are not present your resume is rejected.

Around 10 years back, this screening software was only available in big companies. So, people working in small companies did not affect from these technologies. Now in recent years with the fast development of software and more software developing companies the resume software has become common and every small companies can afford it. This has made tough for job seekers. The job seekers have to be up-to-date of latest demands in job world and be more technology friendly.

Now let us understand how the resume extraction software works.

Today’s screening software is more advanced than Optical Character Recognition (OCR). So you need not worry about fonts and italics of your resume. Modern screening software can scan a wide range of formats and content from the resume. The resume screening software, by using the standard formatting rules, can identify text of various formats and categorize them. The screening software can extract information like the candidate’s name, qualification, education, experience, date of birth, telephone number and fill it up in the database of HR such as SAP or Oracle.

The database consists of information of the candidate based on the classification and standard requirements as per the organization or hiring manager. The candidate is ranked into the database depending on how closely he/she meets the requirements of the database. The details will include experience of the candidate, the residential address, and predominantly the keywords. So more keywords, more is your ranking.

Some years ago, the software was in its developing stage. At that time, the keywords need the exact match if not then the resume was ruled out. It just showed whether keyword is present or not. This resulted in selection of unqualified candidates, just because of keywords used to get through the screening process. Today’s software are much more advanced, they literally interpret the meaning of the sentence and extract out the phrases which meets the expectation of the keywords.

So as soon as the resumes come in, the HR manager will generate the list with the candidates who passed through the screening software. The more the applications, more scrutinized will be the search. The report contains some details from your resume, but not the entire resume. So until your resume comes in the top list, it is not even looked at.

So, understand the need and principle of your job profile. Do research and try to find out the requirements and terms that are to be used in making your resume better.